Web Design & Development.

Have your visitors entertained with a unique UI design and interactive UX for your website?

Our Work

Attractive, Responsive, Flexible

It is not just about good-looking design; it is also about a design easily perceived and navigated by users.
It is a design that will provide users with a matchless enjoyable surfing experience.

Up-to-Date Trends

Nickel & Dime keeps up-to-date with all trends to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable web experience for your audience/customers.

Reach All Out

Do your audiences use tablets, smart phones or laptops? Whatever their devices are, be sure they will enjoy your responsive website.


Nickel & Dime provides interactive website designs that for sure your audiences will fall in love with.


Design Process For Humans


Customer goals
Target Audience
Market Status

Research and Analysis

User Research
User Behaviors
Competitor Analysis


Trends and Colors
Content Strategy
Branding Strategy
Time Frames


Navigation Concepts and Signs
Moments of Attraction


Usability Testing
Heuristic evaluation
A/B testing
Psychological and physical assets (colors, shapes, ergonomics.. etc)
User Feedback



Flexible !

Nickel & Dime website designs support cross-browsers and are suitable for different technological media.


Make sure they stay more !

It is not enough to have a good content if it is not in well-organized. Have your content organized in a way fascinating for your audience/customers.


Crystal Clear

Let your audience/customers enjoy an interesting experience of website navigation with easy access to any page.


It is all about being-human

UX is about how much the user is satisfied, starting from website ease-of-use and up to user attaining his/her goals easily.


Websites are not just online content in one page.

Whether it is for individuals or large corporations, Nickel & Dime provides designs for all websites with coherent and inter-connected pages.

Corporate Websites

Design an online platform for your corporation in a way that reflects the real size of your business to your customers.


E-stores / E-Commerce

Do not limit your market to physical dimensions and reach out to more audience/customers online. Just launch your e-store.


Personal Website

Have your online persona that reflects your character and personality, and broadly express yourself to the world.

Portfolio Website

Design a light, smooth and easy-to-use forum that ensures satisfaction of users and visitors.

Reflect your brand and have business online NOW !